Chef Martin San Roman

Chef Martin San Ramon is no stranger to the top restaurants, culinary schools, and haute-cuisine events of the world. He studied at Ecole Lenôtre Paris, worked in the kitchens of top hotels in Paris and London, and cooked for Mexico’s President Vicente Fox and Bill Clinton. None of this “internationalism” diminishes his love and passion for Tijuana’s and Baja California’s thriving new food scene, where he is both restaurateur and ex officio culinary ambassador. “I am Mexican,” he told the L.A. Times proudly, “and I have to make it here. Food-wise I can get everything I want from Baja as well as from the world. For me, Baja is the greatest state in Mexico.” San Roman is known for his Mexican-French-Baja artistry, and what he calls his“cocina del autor” (original dishes that he creates). He is currently chef of La Terrasse San Roman, a restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe wine country near Rancho La Puerta, and chef of Dobson’s Restaurant in San Diego.


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